COVID-19 Updates

Summer 2020 Session

June 1 - July 25

Ages 4.5 & Up

At this time, we will not be having Parent-Tot (ages 1.5-2 years) or Pre-School (ages 3-4) classes. We hope to be able to have these children safely back in the gym soon!

With these changes, the Pre-Beginner and Hot Shot Girls/Boys classes will be in the Pre-School gym for now. There will be no more than 5 students in these groups. The Pre-Beginner classes will be 45 minutes. The Hot Shot Girls and Boys classes will be 55 minutes. We will be running no more than two small groups in this area at one time.

The classes for children 6 and older will be in the main gym area. We will have no more than three groups going at the same time of no more than 6 students each. The Beginner Girls 1 & 2, Mighty Beginners, Bounding Beginners, and Beginner Boys classes will be 50 minutes. The Jr. Intermediate class will be 75 minutes. The Intermediate Girls, Intermediate Boys, and Advanced Girls classes will be 90 minutes.

Safety Precautions

We will have tape Xs on the floor to show where the students will be for warm-up to keep their distance from other students as much as possible. They will have their own stations on each event and we will be sanitizing the equipment between each use. The staff and gymnasts will be required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer between each event.

We will primarily be doing skills and activities that do not require us to spot your gymnasts. However, sometimes it is easier for a child to learn a skill with some assistance. If you feel comfortable with us spotting your child, you will be required to sign a specific waiver that allows us to do so. When spotting children, we will be sanitizing our hands before doing so and wearing a mask.

The students will be instructed to enter the gym through the main doors. When they arrive they will be putting their belongings on and/or under an empty chair. At the end of class, they will gather their belongings and leave through the other doors. Each chair will be sanitized between classes.

Instead of giving stamps at the end of class, we will be giving the kids in the Pre-School gym (Pre-Beginner and Hot Shot Girls/Boys classes) coloring pages with a stamp on them. In the main gym, we will be cutting stickers and letting them take one with them at the end of class if they would like.


Only one parent will be allowed in the gym. No siblings will be allowed unless they are also registered in a class at the same time. Parents are not required to wear a mask. The chairs will be spaced 6 feet apart and will be wiped down between each class.