Summer Showcase - July 27 & 28

We will be having a Summer Showcase on Saturday, July 27th and Sunday, July 28th at Lincoln Christian School. This event is designed to be a show for our students to perform for their parents, family, and friends. During the next couple of months, we will be teaching short routines to our students who are in our school-age program and our Sweet Peas will perform circuits similar to those done in their classes. We will be ordering Pioneer Gymnastics tanks. If you would like to order a tank, this form must be turned in by June 30th.

The registration fee for the Summer Showcase is $20. For registration and tank, it is $30 per child. Everyone participating in the summer showcase will receive a participation medal from our staff. Registration deadline is June 30th for tank orders. Basic registration is due by July 15th. Please fill out one form per child. Space is limited so register early!


Session 1
Saturday, July 27 12:00pm

Session 2
Saturday, July 27 1:30pm

Session 3
Saturday, July 27 3:00pm

Session 4
Saturday, July 27 4:30pm

Session 5
Sunday, July 28 12:00pm

Session 6
Sunday, July 28 1:30pm

Session 7
Sunday, July 28 3:00pm


Event Admission Fee: Adults - $5, Children - Free